Geomembrane Solutions

Superseal EPDM Ribber Roofing with Thermobond Heat Splicing Technology.

Superseal roofing systems have a lifetime measured in decades, regardless of exposure to water, ice, temperature, ozone or UV.

Roofing Solutions

Superseal incorporates a tough EPDM fleece-backed membrane, jointed on site using Thermobond heat splicing (a unique, patented splicing technique developed by Trelleborg Building Systems, Sweden).

The Thermobond joints are made using hot air, without the need for adhesives, thus the integrity of the joints can be relied upon even when installing on a damp day.

Superseal is suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic flat and low-pitched roofs and is the best possible choice for new roof constructions as well as re-roofing with or without additional insulation


  • EPDM rubber membrane with exceptional weather resistance
  • Chemically and thermally stable - no change in strength of elasticity between -30'C and +120'C
  • Thermobond spliced joints
  • Fire-retardant EPDM highly resistant to airborne embers
  • Fixing of membrance through both edges for maximum security
  • Lightweight per installed square metre
  • 20 year guarantee - materials and workmanship
  • British Board of agreement certificate number 92/2799

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