Incorporating Hotbond and Thermobond Heat Splice Technology

Tanking Solutions

Elastoseal EPDM tanking is a fully engineered tanking system for basements, retaining walls, lift pits etc. Elastoseal’s elasticity and flexibility means it can sustain building movements without cracking or leaking.

Elastoseal prefabricated bags with strong factory welded Hotbond joints are an excellent choice for awkward tanking projects. Sizes range from small bags for lift pits, which can be self-installed, up to large bags for entire basements.


  • Fully engineered tanking system
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Pre-fabricated with Hotbond vulcanized joints
  • Environmentally friendly – no environmental pollutants
  • Compatible with mortar, concrete, polystyrene and acids

For further information and full technical specifications please visit the manufacturer’s website www.sealeco.com