Facade Solutions

Incorporating Hotbond and Thermobond Heat Splice Technology

Facade Solutions

Cladseal EPDM facade waterproofing is a complete system for the protection of facades, brick walls and concrete walls against weather and moisture.

Many window and cladding systems require a waterproof seal between the frame and the substrate and the Cladseal system provides an unbroken moisture barrier that can accommodate structural flexing.

The Cladseal system offers a full range of engineered facade waterproofing products, including EPDM and Butyl strips, fully or partially adhered self-adhesive strips, primers and sealants for all applications and structural materials.


  • Fully engineered Cladding system
  • Easy to install
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Tough, puncture resistant and elastic
  • Environmentally friendly – no environmental pollutants
  • Chemical resistant
  • Compatible with mortar, concrete, polystyrene and acids

For further information and full technical specifications please visit the manufacturer’s website www.sealeco.com